Stuck living on Good Friday.

This is the first time in my entire life that I didn’t feel joyful on Easter, just a deep and echoing grief. You see, I haven’t made it to the “triumphant resurrection” part of Easter yet in my life. I’m stuck on Good Friday. On death. Part of me died last year. Maybe it was the […]

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What Even Is Happiness?

This summer, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of happiness. The concept keeps obnoxiously resurfacing in my life, like a fly you could’ve sworn you swatted away. My problem with happiness is that sometimes, deep down,  I really don’t think I’ll ever be happy. That it’s unattainable–not for everyone, just for me. Can ambition ever yield happiness? […]

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Don’t be THAT guy at weddings:

For the last five years of my young adult life, not a weekend has passed without news of a engagement or wedding. And don’t be fooled–even once a wedding has passed, you will still see visible traces of that event for months to come, like a virtual bread crumb trail of acute narcissism. Oh, it’s […]

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Don’t Feed the Feelings

So, maybe I’m just like a walking Hallmark card generator (thank you, advertising degree), but as previously established last week in this ever-growing “LIFE, man” series (title pending), being an adult is super hard sometimes. And when the going gets tough, the tough/me make up a ton of motivational sayings to help them survive. Don’t […]

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College didn’t prepare me for how a full time job would be; honestly, “The Office” has been more handy in figuring out workplace situations than my “Please submit a PAPER portfolio because we’re all in denial that the Internet is a thing” internship seminar class in college. And don’t get me wrong–I’m extremely, abundantly fortune […]

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Christians, I Judged You.

When you rallied behind syllogisms rather than Scripture, I judged you. When I saw the hurtful things you wrote about depression & suicide, I judged you. When you refused to love people different than you, preferring stereotypes to relationships, I judged you. When you made ignorant political comments under the name of Jesus, I judged […]

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