Okay, I just have to share because I LOVE the feeling of making something cute, sustainable, and like fifty times cheaper than purchasing it. I never, ever wear bikinis because usually the tops are like two tiny triangles of nothingness and that just doesn’t work for me. There’s so little fabric & coverage that I’d be better […]


DIY: your 1st time blogging

So if you’re interested in starting a blog or have maybe been always told you should, DO IT! Why not?! Blogging is hard to maintain at times, but always worth the effort! It’s always nice to look back on the things you wrote and benchmark progress in your life. Plus, I guarantee you’ll become a […]

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Fall Break = Mug DIY!

I’ve been home for break for approximately 53 hours and already I’ve done like 45 projects. It’s like a DIY craft a minute, y’all. Pinterest is the wind to my proverbial wings, creativity speaking. One super easy DIY I kept seeing was decorating cute little coffee cups with nothing more than a sharpie and an […]

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Originally posted on imprimé léopard:
I’ve been seeing a lot of cap-toe shoes, and just wanted to try making some myself! They look a little messy, but I think it adds to it. It probably would have turned out better if I used non-suede shoes, the gold would have been more of a metallic…

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The DIY from Hell: Glitter Heels.

At my school, there exists a magical evening every semester known by all as tap night. Groups of similarly dressed men and women parade around campus marching in lines two by two and ambush lone individuals, whispering things to them & then permitting them join the end of the line. …This is also known as the […]

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