You Suck at Art

“I’m not creative.” I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard people say this to me during the last month. I’ve been working at possibly the best part time job ever, a pottery studio in downtown Franklin, and absolutely love it. It’s a fun environment and a truly great opportunity for me to practice […]

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I am a writer. And from what I’ve been told, a pretty good one. It feels awfully strange to write those previous two sentences, because considering myself a “writer” never felt legitimate to me. When it’s something you’ve been doing for the majority of your life, “self-publishing” little books on construction paper & carrying around […]

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Aging Gracefully on Social Media

Taken in 2006 but tagged March 2007, this picture is the oldest tagged photo of me on Facebook. I’m with my childhood best friend Missie at our youth group’s summer beach retreat (yes, we were a posh megachurch. Our camps were at a resort) theme night. I’ve been involved with Facebook for over seven years […]

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We Can’t Stop…the Double Standards: Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance

Arguably the song of the summer (okay, maybe tied with “Blurred Lines”), I’ve been (secretly) somewhat obsessed with Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop.” My sister and I play it allll the time during our sporadic dance parties (although we don’t twerk–if I’m ever seen twerking, I’m probably actually dying of a stroke & get me […]

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“You’ll be a Cat Lady!”

At some point during my college career, something within my friend group snapped. Suddenly, midway through junior year, everybody and their brother was teasing me about becoming a crazy cat lady one day. Maybe the label was because I avoided dating all four years, maybe it was due to the cat sweater I sometimes wore […]

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Olympic Boredom.

As a recently legal adult, I really feel the pressure of the world weighing on my shoulders. I mean, I’ve been 21 for 4 days now and so far, I’ve had to make MAJOR life decisions. Yeah, I’m talking about the upcoming Olympics. I think they are utterly boring. Hours upon hours of booming announcers’ […]

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Don’t Call Me A Bitch.

(This post has been ruminating in my mind for a few weeks, but I finally feel like writing it out. To be honest, I was a little nervous about how it might be received, but now I don’t care.) One of my passions (whatever that word even means) in life is both cultural and gender […]

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5 LeeU Greek Guys You’ll Meet

You’ve read about 5 Types of Greek Girls, but it would be simply unfair neglect the plethora* of Lee University’s Greek guys. Like I asserted in the previous post, everyone is the SAME. These types of personalities stay constant, even if their club doesn’t stick around. Of course you may be wondering how I’m even […]

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