Birthdays, as told by gifs

Today I’m 22. Twenty-two! I’m totaaaaally ready–I feel like I’ve outgrown 21. There’s been SO many new experiences crammed into the past 365 years! I’m really lucky. Birthdays are all about autocracies. It’s an amazing process. 364 days out of the year you strive for attention (the problems of being in a big family, sigh) […]

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Swimsuit Shopping, as told by gifs

Dante’s Inferno speaks merely of nine circles of hell, but because Dante was a guy (who, yeah, also lived during the 14th century), I think he missed out on a HORRIBLE, awful, miserable 10th circle: summer swimsuit season.  Oh yes. Welcome to the torture chamber–known commonly as the dressing rooms of any major department store. Here’s […]

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Hugs Are Weird, as told by gifs.

First, I should explain: “physical touch” is NOT my love language. I’ve probably only had like 28 hugs in my entire life that have been not awkward (to me). I mean, I’m no hug floozy (oh, don’t act like you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about…) so (which inevitably leads to my friends taking advantage […]

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Job Hunting, as told by gifs

Well, I’ve officially been out of college for 9 days. What have I been doing on this glorious self-proclaimed vacation week? Obviously not blogging, whoops. Basically, I’ve been living a life Liz Lemon would be proud of. Sleeping, watching all of the seasons of “Community,” and eating. I love food and laziness. This series of […]

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Graduation, as told by gifs

So, I’m officially done with all undergrad coursework. Which is…weird. Four years of collegiate schooling…but yet, I still have to think of this gif when people ask me how I’m doing. …You might say I thrived during college. Preparation for graduation is almost as prominent as the act itself! It’s like a video game–each level […]

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