The DIY from Hell: Glitter Heels.

At my school, there exists a magical evening every semester known by all as tap night. Groups of similarly dressed men and women parade around campus marching in lines two by two and ambush lone individuals, whispering things to them & then permitting them join the end of the line. …This is also known as the […]

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Expectations versus Reality

(As I learned from the high feedback from last week’s post, apparently, I am the only person in the entire world who finds the Olympics boring. Unfortunately, this reveals my big secret:  I’m actually a heartless, Olympics hating robot. It all makes sense now, right?  Glad I got to clear that up.)  You know that […]

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Olympic Boredom.

As a recently legal adult, I really feel the pressure of the world weighing on my shoulders. I mean, I’ve been 21 for 4 days now and so far, I’ve had to make MAJOR life decisions. Yeah, I’m talking about the upcoming Olympics. I think they are utterly boring. Hours upon hours of booming announcers’ […]

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That one time I dyed my hair ombré.

(For everyone’s reference: ombré=The effect of color graduation from light to dark. See what I did there?) For literally the past year, I have been intrigued with the latest trend of ombré hair, my obsession levels practically equal to America’s Got Talent producers’ desperation for relevance. I would spend hours googling hairstyles or “Is ombré still cool?,” persuading everyone […]

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It’s a “Mad Men” life.

This summer, I have the incredible opportunity to intern at this advertising agency in Dallas! It’s a part of this competition advertising program in honor of this ad executive from the 1960s who seems straight out of Mad Men…Seriously, he was even friends with the Reagans. Two words: Old Money.

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