Out of (my) Closet

I own 173 items of clothing. One hundred and seventy three dresses, skirts, pants, shirts, blazers–and that’s not even counting winter clothes. Oh, and twenty two pairs of shoes. ….What. (If you’re curious, the average American woman apparently has 90 items in her closet, but apparently, I go big or go home.) Over the weekend, […]

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Haters 101

Lately, I’ve noticed lots of articles & posts about accepting oneself “as is” despite body shaming and maybe I’m weird, but it’s bafflingly strange that we need advice about whether loving yourself is okay or not. It’s apparently revolutionary to not feel manically compelled to change immediately to fit in. Perpetuating the mentality where you’re […]

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I’ve had a lot of people argue with me about the validity and necessity of feminism. When you associate yourself with a misunderstood label, it tends to happen and I totally get it.  I’m always happy to explain that I believe in gender equality and egalitarianism, not one gender over another. But now, let me […]

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To those who feel alone:

To those who may feel alone, Take heart. It could be easy to say to yourself, “If only” Or “Why me?” But sometimes The beauty of solitude Is liberation From dependency. The feeling that You can accomplish anything And everything you want, With your own two hands, Your mind, And maybe Google Search. You can go […]

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